About Us

Who We Are

We are a church who believes that we are called to be focusing upward, reaching outward, and ministering inward.  While we're a fairly traditional church, we're a community that has come to take seriously that God is in our midst calling us to be open to the new possibilities placed before us...balancing tradition with transformation.


In September 1803, the Reverend Joseph Badger, a missionary sponsored jointly by the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches of Connecticut, organized a church that included the Kinsman, Vernon, and Hartford areas.  Later in 1816, the Old Grove Church was constructed and served as a house of worship for the Kinsman area.  By 1831 the Congregational and Presbyterian Church of Kinsman was formed and became independent of the three-township church.  Master-builder Willis Smith constructed the present building with remarkable speed in less than two years.  It cost about $4000.00 in 1833.  John Kinsman, son of the town founder, donated the site and his mother, Rebecca, gave about a quarter of its cost, later adding a bell for the steeple in 1850.